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Featured in the Dorset Echo and our Charity Partner is My Black Dog

Better for the Environment

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In 2019 alone, 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste was produced. Every time a charger breaks and is thrown away, that waste contributes to harming our planet. LifeCharger is Built to Last, unlike other chargers, and as a result a significantly lower amount of chargers go to waste and therefore by supporting LifeCharger you're supporting Better Quality products, Charity and the Environment.

Smart Design

Tangle-Free & Stretch Proof 💪

• Charges your device Quickly

Overcharge Protection🔋

90° Angle Design  📐

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee ✔️

Tough & Durable

Other chargers break easily, that's just the truth and it sucks, we know. That's why LifeCharger is made with Tangle-Free & Stretch Proof Nylon. Tested for Strength and Quality.

Fast Charging Speeds

When your battery is full, LifeCharger slows down current to Prevent Overcharge and Extend Battery Life. But when your device is charging, LifeCharger will keep at a Stable, Reliable Current to safely charge your device at fast speeds.

Premium Pure Copper

LifeCharger uses Premium Pure Copper to assist in stable charging and ensuring long lasting quality.

Smart IC Chip

The Smart IC chip in every LifeCharger ensures safety from overcharging and overheating while charging your phone at fast speeds.

Charity Partner

A portion of every sale goes towards a good cause LifeCharger is proud to support My Black Dog by donating a portion of the profits made from every sale towards their great cause each month.

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